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I liked this experience just as much as traumacore! The atmosphere the view the music the small changes that you don't fully realize make this a really good experience! I liked the small changes that you cant really tell but subconsciouslyyou catch on. It brings a really creepy experience that is really good and shows you don't need jumpscare's to make a scary game! There was a portion i had to change because of youtube copyright but during that part i was talking about how the game makes you feel like your not alone with the music, and how the corridors are put together! As well as the music sounding like its circling you almost like a predator stalking/ circling its prey >.> heres the video if you wanna watch!


OH! Also the cut out part is from 3:15 to 5:13 if you wanna skip it 

I thoroughly enjoyed the video. It's always entertaining to see other people's reactions to my stuff. (:


Im happy you enjoyed it! And im definitely going to play your future stuff if you release anymore games! ^~^


the backrooms but with philosophy

This was pretty good, because I kinda got intrigued by whatever was going on lol. The game (or corridors lol) reminded me of Sad Satan because that game had a heck load of corridors too. The fact that the walls disappear and reappear to different corridors, making the corridor dead-end different, was cool because you can see a piece of progression there.

I didn't play more because I didn't want my video to go on longer XD soz (Second game I play)

Facking Awesome! Made you a lil video. I had a great time! 

I'm glad to hear! very enjoyable commentary my dude c:


Hellow there creator. I wanna say that i played your game and i enjoyed it. It really had great athmosphere and normally it's just walking around with that Mr. Sandman music on the background... But still it was damn creepy. But i wanna know if there's a ending... Anyway here is my gameplay of your game. ENJOY!!

loved the play-through my man! and there's no ending whatsoever, just the experience. c:

This experience, rather than feeling anticlimactic, feels deeply meditative and I feel a genuine curiousness in the project regarding the composite parts of feelings such as suspense and other-worldliness. 

The lack of any explicit terminus to this experience very much is its conclusion: much of creepiness *is* its indefinite nature... I also really loved the mysteriously glitching shadows and the mechanical restrictions. The blue screening at the end is very tongue in cheek but gives the game a nice aesthetic context :)

Maybe I'm totally off on this... just my thoughts!


Very much the kind of thing I was going for. Kind of like 2:22AM if you've ever played that. I'm super siked you enjoyed the project though, much more to come! c:

If only there was an ending? Goal, or purpose? Hmmm

Love the vid, and will consider c:

yeah i really enjoyed this experience too! was mega creepy and dreamlike and immersive. would have been cool to just have had some kind of 'ending', like a build up of some kind that had a peak and stopped

I agree, a build-up would be nice. will update accordingly c:

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