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ik this is a few years old but i think its really impressive how u were able to make something so effective with mostly just sounds and subtle(ish) visual cues. not being able to interact with stuff made it less like a game but it also kind of added to the atmosphere and the feeling of helplessness when playing. also i cried so theres that


thank you for playing! these types of comments really mean a lot to me and I hope I can continue to deliver on these experiences <3


Wow! That was so dark and sad. Well executed game.

Nice game


After an extensive playthrough of this game, I now know suicide is a better option.

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That was beyond heavy .. wow.. not what I thought it would be, very depressing

this brought back memories that i thought i forgot, but thank you. it was an amazing game, but i recommend putting a trigger warning even though i dont think those are necessary for most things.

that's a really good idea, thank you!

Really loved the atmosphere of 'We, the Animals'. The tone is dark but REAL, it was obviously hard to -- or want to speak over the events taking place but I felt this was very impactful and sends a powerful message while making me very thankful for how well I had it growing up. Thank you for this experience.

glad you enjoyed it, I wish you nothing but kindness c:

Great game enjoyed playing it! 

thank you tons!

this made me terribly uncomfortable. An eerily accurate representation of this kind of scenario. Enclosed are my reactions

thanks for the vid! c:

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Nice job man. Definitly one of my favorite quick plays!

i'm glad to hear!

I tried to leave so hard lol.... I am glad I didn't read the description XD

This one was unique, IMO because you can't do anything except look around and listen. Then it gets hectic. Nice and short game!


wanted to try something a bit different, thanks c:

Short but interesting game. 

thankss c:

I loved this.....i-it really hit home and the way I took it was the viewer is depressed and well ya.......really hit me hard bc im depressed myself
Anyways.......what was the song that was playing

charles irwin - a sad song about a girl i no longer know c:


what a crap game

ok cool c:

What an interesting experience it was. It almost felt for real.
I think it's good to raise awareness on this subject.

Really good work, I hope to see more interesting concepts from you.

I appreciate the sentiments! More concepts are in the works, although it may be a while before they're released. I really wanna spend my time and make them right. c:

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nice, will check out c:

I hope to see more games from you, this was very heartbreaking. 

I appreciate the sentiment my dude c:

hey i really really love the game! i thought the pacing and atmosphere of the whole game was so good. nice work!!

thank you so much! c:

nothing much to do but mainly look around and listen to wat is happening and when the lights turn off it seems like that is the end of the game so ya i guess it was alright not really a game but kind of idk how to explain it

I feel you mate, it's more of an art piece than anything else. c:

well if u make any more games maybe make them more interactable if u get wat im saying :D

This game messed me up... I didn't know what was going on, or what was happening until I heard it. I'll say, the title fits the entire thing perfectly. Great job but damn it!! Why?! lol


thanks my friend! I just felt compelled to release such a project c:


Crazy, honestly crazy. Hope to see some more of your work man :) Keep it up!!

that ending hit hard.. loved the game though! I was really nervous about what was coming next the whole time lol 


thanks mate! enjoyed the vid just as well c:

Idk, I really think there needed to be a body in the bathtub, and some context to the argument. Were those gunshots? I appreciate the nature of the subject matter,  and I think it has potential, there just wasn't really enough to break my heart and make it super sad. Just a little more context, a little character emotion, and maybe a model in the bathtub. Good idea, though.

I appreciate the feedback, and agree that a little more could go a long way! c:


Wow, that's pretty brutal. Didn't quite get it until the end.

loved the video mate,

your reactions were quite good c:

Personally very tough for me to watch and listen to, but its good to see a developer using gaming to raise awareness of this subject, heres my vid and good luck to you in the future you deserve it man


thank you so much, i felt compelled to make something like this for a whie.. c:

Quite a sad experience. Graphics are amazing.

thank you c:

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Reminded me of Stanley's death in It: Chapter Two. Loved it, it was nice and simple of a game, laying on a bathtub filled with blood feels great (jk), the short story of a family going through problems means a lot to people that are going through the same issue so thumbs up for that. This game does not any work added to it, overall nice game, hope to see you on the main page of some day.

I appreciate the support mate, means a lot c:

No problem!

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thx c:

Why did this comment make me laugh lmao

Good game dev but needs some work on it , i hope you enjoy my gameplay :) 

enjoyed the vid mate c:

Thank you so much glad you liked it :) .


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This game wasn't really a game to be honest. It was like watching a tragedy unfold in front of you, it was like watching a show or a short film of someone dying in the bathroom. I felt that there could have been some interaction with the surroundings like a moment of procrastination on whether the protagonist should do it or not and maybe we can choose different topics and answers that the protagonist could talk to himself about which can determine the ending of the protagonist (whether he dies or not). If there was more interaction in the game, I think that the game would have been better and the exploration of suicidal thoughts and other scary elements of humans would be more interesting and much better than the game is now.

Thank you for reading my comment :).

I agree, i'll try and think of ways I could expand on the project.

thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you for reading my comment. Keep up the good work! c:


I really wish there was more to the mechanics in this game and think it would be a beautiful project with a powerful meaning if there was more interaction. Thanks for what I got to play <3 

I loved your play-through and will def work on adding more. c: